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Holding Hands

About Schaefer Enterprises


© Schaefer Enterprises Inc. Is a Northern Colorado Non-Profit Organization that has provided services to individuals with disabilities since 1952. Schaefer proudly provides Person Centered Thinking to all of our participants! Our mission is to make your dreams our goals!

Our History

Schaefer Enterprises began in 1951. A group of parents joined together to create a program for children and adults with developmental disabilities. On March 17, 1952, Schaefer Enterprises, formally United Cerebral Palsy Association of Weld County, officially became incorporated through the State of Colorado.

Schaefer continues to provide day program services such as Community Connections, Specialized Habilitation, and Supported Employment programs to individuals with disabilities. Schaefer places a special emphasis on supporting our participants as they work to earn competitive paychecks. Schaefer practices Person Centered Thinking, and has opened a variety of businesses tailored towards the interests and dreams of our participants. 

The businesses we opened include: SEI’s Recycling and Baling Center – an Electronic Recycling and paper/cardboard baling business, Express Shredding Solutions, and Twice as Nice Thrift Store. Each of these businesses employ people with and people without disabilities, creating an inclusive environment for our participants.


Throughout the years, Schaefer has been through many transformations and has provided a wide-variety of services, but our philosophy has remained the same – to help make sure that people with developmental disabilities can continue to live and work in their own community.

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