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Julene Ulibarri

Business Manager

Julene has been with Schaefer Enterprises for 10 years. During this time Julene has filled many positions within the agency such as Mail Shop Coordinator, Job Coach/DSP, Outings Coordinator, Assistant Business Manager, and is currently serving as Schaefer's Business Manager. As the Business Manager Julene oversees operations at Schaefer's Express Shredding Solutions, E-recycling and Bailing Center. Julene enjoys teaching and supporting Schaefer's participants, whether it be learning new life or job skills or encouraging them to advocate for themselves. Julene's goal is to continue to steer Schaefer Businesses towards success and continue to bring innovative ideas to each business. Outside of work, Julene enjoys hanging out with her family, friends, and being the cool aunt. She has 2 animals , a miniature pincher named Carlton and a black cat named Midnight. Julene's passions include music, and exploring and creating new crafts such as resin art, decals, and tie-dye shirts. 

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